"Winning the Outstanding Musical Initiative Award means the world to us at Orchestras for All. Since we established in 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to break down the barriers that young people face to music-making which has only been exaggerated during the pandemic. To gain recognition from colleagues in the sector about our work during the pandemic means so much and will continue to push us forward on our mission – ensuring that every young people has equal and inclusive access to music participation. Thank you for the Music and Drama Education Awards’ acknowledgement of our work. We will share this award with pride with all the young musicians that we work with, and here’s to a much more inclusive future for young people making music!"

Orchestras for All

"We are overwhelmed to have won this award. A drama department is like no other school department and works in a completely unique way that can be quite alien to those on the outside. But this award demonstrates that being 'outstanding' can come in so many forms. For us, this award is testament to the passion, enthusiasm, hours, heart, and soul that has been put into making our department stand out. The award is a recognition that drama education is so much more than teaching a curriculum lesson. It is about how the arts can inspire, engage, and ignite something in a young person, which can be hugely impactful to their future. We want to stamp out the stereotypes around drama and performing arts and want to build an inclusive and encouraging environment to help young people flourish. My school community and drama department are beyond thrilled with this recognition and the award will stand proud in school with the understanding that it means we are making an impact."

Claremont High

"It means so much to us to win this award. As a small initiative that has really grown from the ground up over the past few years, it's been so incredible to have our work recognised by the industry in what is the gold standard for awards within music education! Despite the challenges that COVID has thrown at us, we have weathered the storm and come out stronger. It has given me so much confidence that I'm on the right track with the company, and bolstered my vision of how it could grow into the future."

London Rhymes