Winners 2022

Outstanding Musical Initiative

Winner: Orchestras for All

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The judges were impressed by this initiative’s commitment to a truly inclusive experience for its members, as well as the commitment to engaging with and truly understanding who they are trying to reach. They were also impressed by the team’s immediate and flexible response to lockdown.

Outstanding Drama Initiative

Winner: Company Three and Nick Hern Books, for ‘When This is Over’

The judges were impressed by this project’s reach and its potential for longevity. They felt that it is a commendable blueprint for other organisations internationally, with the capacity to spread widely. They commented that this is a platform for student voice which will continue to evolve and will always be important, current, and relevant.

Outstanding Music Education Resource

Winner: Musical Futures Online

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The judges were impressed by this free, teacher and parent friendly resource, commenting on the engaging interface.

Highly Commended: MTA and Patrick Johns, for Teaching Notes – The Music Teachers’ Association Podcast – Seasons 2 and 3

The judges were impressed by the huge array of interesting people given a platform by this resource and highlighted its much-needed presence in an isolated Covid world. They applauded its ability to connect teachers, and described the resource as an exciting new tool for on-the-go CPD.

Outstanding Drama Education Resource

Winner: Tom Craig, for Applied Theatre Podcast

The judges were impressed by this accessible, high-quality, free-to-all resource, featuring an excellent range of participants. It’s a brilliant way to make these voices widely available to people who would otherwise be unable to access them.

Excellence in SEND (Music & Drama)

Winner: Mousetrap Theatre Projects, for Playmakers

The judges were impressed by the mentoring aspect of this project, and constant dialogue with students, both of which take significant time and commitment. They felt that the project was empowering, aspirational, had a wide reach, and truly enabled young people to lead.

Excellence in Musical Theatre (Music and Drama)

Winner: A Place for Us CIC, for ‘Electric Dreams’

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The judges felt that this project enables young people to access something that they would otherwise be scared of. They were impressed that it is accessible and free; supports the arts industry pipeline and boosts mental health, and talent development.

Excellence in Primary/Early years (Music & Drama)

Winner: London Rhymes

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The judges felt that this project taps into an underused media platform for this age group. They said that the values of community, creativity, respite, and love are clearly demonstrated, and were impressed by the high level of high-quality output.

Highly Commended: Services for Education, for Soundtots

The judges were impressed by the reach of this project and commented on the measurable impact. They were impressed by the can-do attitude, which they felt highlights the kind of work that a hub can deliver. The judges felt it was inspiring and uplifting to see a music education service genuinely serving their community and using the arts to support students for the rest of their lives.

Outstanding School Music Department

Winner: Ullswater Community College

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The judges were impressed by this department’s journey of transformation. The enthusiasm ignited within the students is clearly demonstrated by reach and involvement. They commented on the impressive range of multi-genre opportunities, the commitment of the staff, and the extraordinary level of discretionary effort that goes into running a department like this. The staff go above and beyond and clearly represent the best of the teaching profession.

Francesca Hanley Inspiration Award

Winner: Byron Barrett

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The judges described this teacher as a tenacious change-maker who takes a child’s horizons and stretches them. The teacher makes their community feel that they are more than entitled to perform at prestigious venues, which has a huge impact on the children, families, and the area.

Drama Inspiration Award

Winner: James Clarke

The judges were impressed by the element of social justice in this teacher's work, as well as their advocacy and willingness to challenge prejudice. They also commented on the intergenerational nature of the work the teacher has done, and their clear passion for the subject which is imparted to the students.

The Rocksteady Award for Progressive and Inclusive Music Education

Winner: Rap Club

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The judges were impressed by the youth-led nature of this project, as well as its industry focus and its potential to be scaled up to reach more children and young people. They applauded the fact that participants are being mentored to be better humans, not just better musicians.

Highly Commended: Noise Solution

The judges were impressed by this initiative’s innovative pedagogy, which has been designed around the specific group of young people they are trying to reach. The panel would love to see this initiative’s therapeutic provision made available to every young person going through a mental health crisis.

Music Teacher Magazine Editor's Award

Winner: Inclusive Music Consortium

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This initiative launched in 2018 and has now developed into a collaboration between six major music organisations. With six clear aims, the group is working to break down barriers to music education, particularly focusing on the provision of adapted instruments for disabled children and young people. They’ve recently been working with mainstream primary schools to collect data on the number of children who would benefit from adapted instruments, which they hope can inform more widespread provision for these currently excluded children. It will be exciting to see what the collaboration does next.

Drama & Theatre Magazine Editor's Award

Winner: Theatre31

This project shows arts funding being used well to put youth voices at the heart of all its creative decision-making. It is easy to see how this work could be replicated across the UK, as well as how it has benefitted a diverse range of young people already, in Medway and Sheppey. This youth-led programme is exemplary: completely free and supporting young people to make decisions and call the shots on everything that happens – as they put it, “from deciding which artists to work with to designing the logo.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: David Lewis

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The judges felt he was deserving of this award thanks to the legacy and the longevity of his work. His work has an international reach, with 2.5million children participating just last year. A worthy recipient, this person has got that something about them that wins people's heart and minds.

Outstanding School Drama Department

Winner: Claremont High School Academy

The judges commended this as a truly teacher-led department which is instilling passion in its students. It is clear that drama is an ingrained part of the school, and the judges were impressed by the department's ability to buck the trend of participation with a high proportion of male drama students. They felt that the department is breaking down barriers and forging links with the wider community.